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Artificial Intelligence … but Natural Snacks!
Society and initiatives

“AI Hackathon Greece”, the programming marathon dedicated to artificial intelligence, will be organized on February 16 to 18. It is the first AI-oriented meeting of programmers, hosted by a Greek Organization and a public University incubator, combining academic methodology with practical thinking and action.

The “AI Hackathon Greece” event will take place at the new premises of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation ( of the Athens University of Economics and Business, a fresh “co-working space” where teams can collaborate while being trained by the program’s workshops and inspired by personalized “mentoring” sessions from industry experts.

“The Manna” couldn’t miss the opportunity to accompany the teams of developers participating in a co-working environment. We sponsor, as a Bronze Sponsor, the initiative with natural snacks that help you think, because … “a hungry developer, doesn’t program”.

We look forward to seeing you at the Developer Marathon:

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