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The website (hereafter the “Website”) uses cookies to store information on your computer. This usage policy explains how the Site uses cookies. By navigating to the Site you agree the use of cookies on your computer in accordance with the terms of this policy. If you do not wish to receive cookies from the Site, please either make the appropriate arrangements (as listed below) or refrain from using the Site.



“Cookies” are small text files with information that a web page (specifically a web server) saves on a user’s computer without knowledge of any document or file on the user’s computer. Cookies contain some information, such as the name of a web page and certain digits and numbers. Whenever a user connects to a website, the latter retrieves that information and provides the user with services related to them. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the user’s choices on the site (e.g. selecting specific “buttons”, searches, ads, etc.).



The Website uses cookies to make it easier for the user to navigate the site and provide a unique browsing experience for the user.



Technical cookies are used to properly operate certain features of the Site. The Website uses technical cookies, the sole purpose of which is to carry out the transmission of a communication or which is necessary for the provision of a specific service explicitly requested by the user or the subscriber (Article 4 (5) of Law 3471/2006).

They are distinguished into browser cookies and session cookies, which ensure that the Website works correctly:

Analysis cookies, which are technical cookies, when used, measure and analyze the number of users and behaviour on that site,

Function Cookies, which allow the web page to be customized according to various user options (e.g. language) to provide improved services.

User consent is not required for the installation of such cookies, although there is an obligation to provide information to users in accordance with article 4 (5) of Law 3471/2006.

The collection and processing of information through the use of technical cookies is essential for the proper functioning of the Website. In the event that a user opposes the use of such technical cookies, they will not be able to visit and view the Site correctly.

Name Cookie Description -Objective  Duration Period
ApplicationCookieAllows the user to be identified 1 Μonth
__RequestVerificationTokenProtection related to CSRF related attacksAs long as you browse the site
ARRAffinityUse by Microsoft Azure Service to optimally manage connected usersAs long as you browse the site



When browsing the Website, web browsers may accept third party cookies.

Third party cookies are installed on a website other than the one which the user is browsing. This is because each site can contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domain names) that are on computer servers other than those hosting the website they are browsing.

Below you will find a list of third party cookies used by the Website:

Name Cookie Description -Objective  Duration Period
gaThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to distinguish users,2 years
APISIDYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site
HSIDGoogle Security Cookie – Protect against malicious use of the linked Google AccountAs long as you browse the site
LOGIN_INFOYoutube CookieOver one year
PREFYoutube CookieOver one year
SAPISIDYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site
SIDGoogle Security Cookie – Protect against malicious use of the linked Google AccountAs long as you browse the site
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site
YSCYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site
SSIDYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site
s_glYoutube CookieAs long as you browse the site


Some users may not agree with the storage of information collected by cookies on their computer. Every web browser provides clear instructions on how to use cookies.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can modify your web browser settings to alert when cookies are sent, to disable all or some of the cookies used by the Site, or to delete cookies already installed on your computer.

Most of the services on this site operate free of cookies. With that being said, if you disable cookies, you will not have access to certain services and features on the Site.

Here are references to the most popular web browsers regarding specific editions.

It is recommended that you refer to the website browsers’ official information for the most up-to-date information.


Google Chrome: here.

Internet Explorer: here.

Mozilla firefox: here.

Safari: here.


For other web browsers, please refer to their official bibliography.

If you would like more information about the cookies used on our Website, please contact us at


Last updated: 6/11/2018