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“The Manna” Tsatsaronaki: Gold Sponsor of World Food Day 2018.
16 October 2018

This year’s World Food Day had a taste of “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki’s famous rusks! On Tuesday, October 16, the World Food Day was organized by the well-known nutritionist Dimitris Grigorakis and the Hellenic Nutrition Company, in what was a special event sponsored by “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki.

At the event which took place outside on Delphi Street in Kolonaki, we talked about the benefits of proper nutrition and how rusks contribute to optimal good health, as part of a series of events named “I improve my diet: I improve my life!” We would warmly like to thank everyone that attended as well as of course Dr. Dimitris Grigorakis, who spoke about the nutritional value of our rusks and stressed how they contribute positively to our health as part of World Food Day.

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