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A small bakery was established in Platanos in 1948, by Haritos Tsatsaronakis, who named his business "The Manna".

In the first few years, the bakery provided Platanos and the nearby villages with bread. Then the business was joined by Haritos's son, Nikos, and his wife Maria, who had the idea of baking barley rusks. In 1963, they started selling rusks to Chania, and the Athens market followed soon after.

In the 1960s, the challenge was to familiarize people with the nutritional value of Cretan rusks. The achievement of this objective brought an increase in sales for the business, which underwent four successive expansions and eventually transformed the small bakery into a major baking plant producing 53 different products.

The premises are still located in the village in which the company took its first steps, remaining faithful to the principles of its local and quality character, and continuing the vision and passion of the early years.

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